Dog walking

    At Walking Woofers, we offer a range of flexible dog walking services
    and can tailor a walk schedule to you and your dog's needs. We can       also provide basic training, including recall and simple instructions.
    A dog's needs can vary depending on their breed, age and
    health, though generally many require at least a 30-60 minute
    walk per day. There are a number of great dog parks and walk
    routes in the Northern Beaches and Manly - dogs love
    variety and exploring different areas each walk. For certain
    breeds and very active dogs, some of their walk also needs to
    include more vigorous, hard aerobic exercise.
Getting regular exercise is also about your dog's psychological health. Some dogs might get lonely or bored if they are at home all day alone and others might develop behavioural issues, such as causing damage to furniture, barking or hyperactivity. These behavioural issues can be completely preventable with a decent daily walk.

Initially, we meet all new clients to get an understanding of what you require, meet your dog and get a sense of its personality and then a design a walking schedule that works for all parties. Please note, we will agree a morning or afternoon walk; however, the exact timing may vary with external factors, such as traffic and weather. This first meeting is free of charge, obligation-free and a crucial part of our working relationship, aiming to leave you feeling comfortable with us taking care of your dog.

Dogs join one of our group walks (Woof Pack). Each Woof Pack has a maximum of 4 dogs (as per the Companion Animals Act 1998) and we match dogs with others that are of a similar size and temperament so they will have a fun time with some like-minded pups.

Dog care

At Walking Woofers, our dog care services include a tailorable range of visit types. An alternative to pet sitting, where the carer stays in your house, home visits are suitable for dogs that will be happy alone in your home with one or two visits from us per day.

Home visits might be for your dog while you are at work or away on holiday, enabling them to stay in the comfort and familarity of their own home rather than being looked after at dog boarding kennels. We will tailor a visit schedule taking your dog's needs into consideration - for example, we might include them in one of our regular group Woof Pack walks but then visit them again later in the day and take them for a quick run around the block to answer the call of nature. At each visit, we will refresh water and feed your dog, and can also take care of anything around your home that needs attention - e.g. bringing in the mail and watering plants.

Other types of visits might be to check-in on puppies or new doggy members of your family who might need a bit of company and care while you are at work. We also understand that sometimes you might get held up or travel plans come up or might change so we can be on-call for emergencies.