We tailor dog walking or dog care services, across Manly and the lower Northern Beaches area, to suit you and your pets' needs. Please note, we will agree a morning or afternoon walk; however, the exact timing may vary with external factors, such as traffic and weather. Give us a call on 0411 116 963 to discuss how we can assist you.

Meet 'n' greet

We meet all new clients (human and furry) before starting work. This initial meeting is free of charge and allows us to get to know you and your pet/s , discuss your needs and, importantly, leave you feeling comfortable with us taking care of them.

In addition to us bringing all necessary paperwork, we will collect a key, if necessary. Keys are kept securely in between walks/visits and it is our policy to keep hold of them to allow our clients effortless booking in the future.

Group walk (Woof Pack)

Woof packs have a maximum of four dogs and your pup will be matched with other dogs appropriately (e.g. similar sizes and temperament). Walks last one hour, not including travel.
1 dog:
1-2 walks per week                $26 per walk
3-5 walks per week                $24 per walk

2nd dog, same household:
1-5 walks per week                $16 per walk  
Pit stop: Quick visit, walk, toilet and feed 
Sometimes your dog won't need a full walk or might need two visits in a day - one longer walk and a quick once around the block, feed and check-in. These shorter visits generally last around 15-20 minutes.

Costs start at $20 per visit
Dog care services

Visits are tailored to your particular needs. You might need a new puppy or dog checked in on while you are work. Or your dog might be happier staying in familiar surroundings at home when you go on holiday rather than going to a dog boarder. 

Dog care starts at $20 for a 20-minute visit

* Prices listed are per walk or visit
** Weekends and public holiday walks - price on application